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Class of 2015

Milagros Perez
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Yearbook News

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Welcome to Miami Sunset Senior High!  This year is the beginning of your high school career, so remember to concentrate on your classes and do your best.  Good luck!

  1. Graduation Requirements:
  • Four (4) Language Arts Credits
    • English I
    • English II
    • English III
    • English IV


  • Four (4) Mathematics Credits
    • Algebra I
    • Geometry
    • 3rd Math (Higher than Algebra I)
    • 4th Math (Higher than Algebra I)
  • Three (3) Science Credits
    • Earth/Space Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry, Physics or Integrated Science III


  • Three (3) Social Studies Credits
    • World History
    • American History
    • American Government (.5)
    • Economics (.5)
  • Personal Fitness (.5)


  • Physical Education (.5)
  • Performing and Fine Arts (1)


  • Passing score on the FCAT Reading and Math
  • Community Service Project (75 hours recommended)


  • 2.00 GPA or better unweighted on all 24 credits
  • Pick an Academy and complete 4 electives under the Major of your choice


  1. Foreign language is not required to graduate high school, but it is a required for admission to state university.


  1. Remember D’s and F’s can only be forgiven by a C or better.  Please see your counselor.
  1. Get involved in Athletics & Activities.  Participate in school events especially as a freshman-you’ll meet new people & make new friends.


  1. FCAT…Begin preparation now. March testing.
  1. Plan Now.  June 2013 is your graduation date.


“You can’t hide that Knight Pride!”